All titles take place in the same universe, each focusing on different protagonists living in different areas across the world. Characters crossover and plot lines intermingle, but there is no requirement to read one book or series before the other to understand what is going on. Start your journey in Ingleheim or Herran, with Katja or Jeth, it doesn’t matter. Just know that what you read in one book may alter your perceptions of shared characters and events in the next book. You may be shocked by what you learn.

first Published january 2017

first Published january 2017

The Eye of Verishten

Winner of the 2018 IPPY Silver Medal for Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror eBook

A golem researcher and a deadly, faceless soldier are all who can save the volcanic mountain ranges of Ingleheim from its oppressive ruler. Immerse yourself in a story about magic, revenge, and learning who to trust.

Available in Hardback, Paperback, and Electronic

Also, check out the special Behind the Mask Edition.

first published september 2017

first published september 2017

The Immortal Serpent (Book One of the Bloodstone Dagger)

A tongue-and-cheek, yet brutal tale about a thief and a harpy’s quest to save a world they don’t belong in. With a siren republic, reptilian armies, and blood sacrifice to boot. What more can one ask for in a fantasy adventure?

Available in Paperback and Electronic

Hardback coming in Spring 2019

coming soon

coming soon

Queen of the Skour (Book Two of the Bloodstone Dagger)

Direct continuation of the Immortal Serpent.

More information to come closer to release date

Planned release December 2019