The Calgary Expo is here! By the grace of my good friend Erika Schulz of Tempest Studios, I get an opportunity to sell the newly printed version of The Eye of Verishten in Artist’s Alley. I will be sharing it with Tyson Villeneuve of Crown Nation to promote my book and his new turn based strategy game - Sunset Over Lievnos. Come find us and say hi!

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My new edition of The Eye of Verishten is here! Special thanks to Friesen Press for their beautiful book design. I can’t wait to sell these babies at the upcoming Calgary Comic Expo April 2017. I’m still plugging away at the Bloodstone Dagger Part 1 - working title Daughters of Yasharra. Release date is still planned for September of 2017. There is also a new piece of book art created by Erika Schulz of Tempest Studios. 

I'm two chapters into my upcoming Duology, the Bloodstone Dagger. This is a working title, of course. I’m not 100% committed to having a Bloodstone Dagger in my book at all. It is supposed to be a magic dagger made of bloodstone, but it isn’t your every day green rock with red specks in it (that’s right, I googled it). It has the power to absorb the blood of one person and turn it into the blood of many. But... why, though? You’ll have to read the book when it comes out. Here is some background of what I have planned so far.

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