Author Update March 2019


Where am I? What year is it? What is social media?

Those are the questions I’ve been asking myself ever since waking from hibernation.

Instead of sleeping off an autumn’s worth of berries and fish gorging, I was hunkering down to finish the Bloodstone Dagger Part 2 – Queen of the Skour.

It was a wild ride, I tell you. A few news updates ago, I informed you all that title was going to be a tad late due to having to make it a second book in a trilogy rather than the final book in a duology.

I took nearly an extra year to write a new final half, rejig character motivations, play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, write out characters that were better suited for future books, and fall into a mild depression about how much my book sucks. But now, I’m in the clear and far more optimistic about this new draft, officially in the editor’s hands.

I can finally catch up on some reading… and of course… all the promotional stuff I’ve missed out on during my hibernation.

One of those promotions being the softcover release of the Eye of Verishten back in February. Yeah… really dropped the ball on that one.

This special edition softcover is aimed at a more romance readership. See this sexy new cover?


BearHill Publishing did a little exposé on the project that you can read about here

So, go to my sale page and get a personalized copy if you order directly from BearHill’s website. It will make a perfect gift for that special someone who likes steamy scenes in their books but also wants a bad-ass fantasy story with political intrigue to go along with it.

What’s next? Coming April 2019, The Bloodstone Dagger Part 1 – The Immortal Serpent will get a bit of a makeover for the hardcover release. Then, I will be scheduling more book signings, this time at Chapters.

And the final order of business is to get cracking on Bloodstone Dagger Part 3. I cannot afford to lose this momentum.  I need to finish the outline so that if I have to make some last-minute changes before Part 2’s release, I can. I also have to send off a short story for a sci-fi anthology in the works. More details on that little project to follow closer to the release date whenever that is.

Thank you all for your patience.