Bloodstone Dagger Book 2 Update

As we find ourselves well into convention season, some of you may have noticed that there has been no news on The Bloodstone Dagger Book 2. I figured it was about time to provide an update on the status of the Immortal Serpent’s continuation.

Simply put, it is not going to be the final book in this series anymore!

That’s right. This Duology has become a Trilogy. Sorry to those who purchased Book 1 with the word Duology on the cover, but hey, look at it this way. There are only around 80 in existence, so they can be worth a lot more someday… right…?

When I set out to write BD, it was only supposed to be a single standalone like EOV, but I realized during the initial outlining process that it had to be broken up into at least two parts. I thought a duology would be a unique selling point because there’s hardly any of those around. It’s so uncommon that some word processers don’t even recognize ‘duology’ as a real word. Now I know why. It’s extremely difficult to create a well fleshed-out fantasy split into two parts. Typical stories have a three act structure and that goes for series’ as well.

Anyway, now that I know I still have one more book to write after this one, a giant weight has been lifted. I have more time to properly develop Jeth and Vidya’s continuing arcs as well as further develop a large cast of characters, old and new, without rushing to the end. Ultimately, this will result in me telling the story I really want to tell, and you having a better reading experience overall.

So when can you all expect Book 2 to come out?

Well, changing a story originally planned as a duology into a trilogy means huge structural changes that aren’t going to get fixed in the few months required to publish this year. What happens when the epic climax you planned for the end of a series gets deferred to the next book? You’re left with literally no climactic event for the middle book with everything written in the first two acts leading up to an ending that will no longer happen. In other words, I basically have to rewrite the whole thing from the beginning. Not from scratch, mind you, but it will add so much extra time that rushing it out for 2018 will only make things worse. I may as well just write a 300,000-word tome with the story I originally planned. But, I don’t think any of us want that.

Therefore, Book 2 of the BD Duology… I mean Trilogy (gah!) is now planned to debut in Winter of 2019.

Don’t worry, dear readers… I’m not George R. R. Martining you! I would never do that. He has a life outside of writing. I, evidently, do not.

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